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Sharing knowledge.

Effective healthcare solutions start with knowledge of clinical practice and healthcare professionals are at the front line. Almirall recognises the value of their first-hand experience and seeks to learn from it through fostering close relationships. This direct contact gives us an accurate insight into their unique demands.

As a result, we are able to research and develop pharmaceutical solutions based on an understanding of what patients really need. Moreover, we ensure that the results of our clinical studies are publicly shared, in line with our global transparency policy.

Beyond R&D, we are committed to helping strengthen healthcare professionals' skills. To this end, we organise and sponsor courses, conferences and medical meetings, in each of our strategic therapeutic areas. Also, Almirall clinical trial results and papers are regularly published in peer-reviewed journals.

Our knowledge exchange with the medical community also extends to collaborative projects. We partner with academic institutions, hospitals and scientific associations to raise awareness of diseases.