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Our strategic alliances.

Shared knowledge = Better healthcare for all. We're working to deliver valuable products and services in more than 70 countries on the 5 continents through a diversified portfolio of alliances, both in-licensed and out-licensed.

Once we have reached a corporate agreement, we work to achieve the original value expected and maximise the potential of the collaboration by effectively anticipating risk management. We share knowledge and benefits with over 70 partners around the world, building fruitful and lasting relationships based on trust.

We aim to maximise the potential of our products for the mutual benefit of partners and their patients by promoting and encouraging strategic alliances to consolidate the foundations for future growth.

Company Active ingredient Commercialization agreements
Allergan Eflornithine EU-27, Israel, Hong Kong, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, South Korea, South Africa, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand
Bayer Nimodipine Spain
Bioibérica Glucosamine Spain
Catalent Balsalazide Netherlands, UK
Douglas Accutane Czech republic, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Russian Federation, Ukraine, Slovakia
GW Pharmaceuticals THC + CBD (Sativex) Europe (Except from UK) and Mexico
Host Dimeticone Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Poland, Czech republic, Slovakia, France, United Kingdom, Italy, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Spain, Norway
Italfarmaco Iron Succinyl-protein complex Portugal, Portugal
Kern Meptazinol Ireland, UK
Lallemand Bacterial Lysate Portugal
Lundbeck Escitalopram Spain
Merck Sharp & Dohme Sitagliptin Spain
Nutricia Fortimel France
Pfizer Amlodipine + Atorvastatine Spain
Pfizer Azitromicine Spain
Pfizer Doxazosin GITS Spain
Pfizer Eplerenona Spain
Pfizer Tolterodine Spain
Pfizer Venlafaxine Spain
Recordati Naproxen sodium salt Italy
Recordati Silodosine Spain
Recordati Teophilline Italy
Sanofi Aventis Calcitonin Spain
Sanofi Aventis Paracetamol Spain
Sanofi Aventis Ramipril Spain, Spain
Sanofi Aventis Risedronate sodium Spain
Sanofi Aventis Ticlopidine Spain
SkinMedica Eflornithine South Africa, South Korea
SkyePharma Diclofenac sodium EU-27, Switzerland, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, South Africa, South Korea
Takeda Candesartan cilexetil Spain
Takeda Pantoprazol Italy
Urgo Scar Management SPF 20 Filmogel Spain
Urgo Scar Management SPF 30 Hyaluronic Complex Spain
Company Active ingredient Commercialization agreements
Abiogen Aceclofenac Italy
Al-Baker Aceclofenac Emirates
Al-Baker Almagate Emirates
Al-Baker Cinitapride Emirates
Al-Baker Clebopride Emirates
Al-Baker Clebopride + Simeticone Emirates
Al-Baker Cloperastine Emirates
Al-Baker Ebastine Emirates
Al-Maseela Aceclofenac Kuwait
Al-Maseela Atenolol Kuwait
Al-Maseela Cinitapride Kuwait
Al-Maseela Clebopride + Simeticone Kuwait
Al-Maseela Cloperastine Kuwait
Al-Maseela Ebastine Kuwait
Alvogen Ebastine Russia and CIS
Aspen Pharmacare Ebastine South Africa
Boryung Clebopride South Korea
Boryung Ebastine & Ebastine + Pseudoefefrine South Korea
Cilag Almotriptan Germany
Cipher Eflornithine Canada
Cipher Fluorouracil + Salic Canada
Cooper Maroc Aceclofenac Morocco, Tunisia, Argelia
Crinos Aceclofenac Italy
Daewoong Aceclofenac South Korea
Distribuidores diversos Aceclofenac Africa, Central America, Latin America, Middle East
Distribuidores diversos Ebastine Africa, Latin America
Dong-A Miscellaneous Derma Products South Korea
Dong-A Salicylic Acid Fluoracil South Korea
Dong-A Soya Oil Laureth South Korea
Dong-A Urea Lauromacrogol South Korea
Droguerie Phenicie Aceclofenac Lebanon
Eczacibasi Aceclofenac Turkey
Eczacibasi Ebastine Turkey
Eisai Cinitapride China
Eurofarma Aceclofenac Brazil
Eurofarma Ebastine Brazil
Galenica Aceclofenac Greece
Galenica Almotriptan Greece
Galenica Ebastine Greece
Gammapharma Aceclofenac Sudan
Gammapharma Atenolol Sudan
Gammapharma Cinitapride Sudan
Gammapharma Clebopride + Simeticone Sudan
Gammapharma Cloperastine Sudan
Gammapharma Ebastine Sudan
Gammapharma Miscellaneous Derma Products Sudan
Gedeon Richter Aceclofenac Bulgaria, Czech Rep., Slovakia, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, CIS (including Russia)
Glaxo Smithkline Aceclofenac Egypt
Grünenthal Ebastine Equador
Harleys Aceclofenac Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania
Harleys Almagato Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania
Harleys Atenolol Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania
Harleys Cinitaprida Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania
Harleys Cloperastina Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania
Harleys Ebastine Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania
Harleys Miscellaneous Derma Products Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania
Highnoon Labs Aceclofenac Pakistán
Highnoon Labs Cinitapride Pakistán
Highnoon Labs Ebastine Pakistán
International Medical Co Aceclofenac Qatar
International Medical Co Almagate Qatar
International Medical Co Atenolol Qatar
International Medical Co Cinitapride Qatar
International Medical Co Clebopride + Simeticone Qatar
International Medical Co Cloperastine Qatar
International Medical Co Ebastine Qatar
International Medical Co Miscellaneous Derma Products Qatar
Italfarmaco Piketoprofen Portugal
Janssen-Ortho Almotriptan Canada, United States
JE-IL Almagate South Korea
Lácer Cinitapride Spain
Meda Almotriptan Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden
Medison Eflornithine Israel
Menarini Diclofenac sodium Australia & New Zealand
Menarini Eflornithine Australia & New Zealand
MUP Atenolol Egypt, Egypt
MUP Famotidine Egypt
Muscat Pharmacy Aceclofenac Oman
Muscat Pharmacy Almagate Oman
Muscat Pharmacy Atenolol Oman
Muscat Pharmacy Cinitapride Oman
Muscat Pharmacy Clebopride + Simeticone Oman
Muscat Pharmacy Cloperastine Oman
Muscat Pharmacy Ebastine Oman
Muscat Pharmacy Miscellaneous Derma Products Oman
Neopharm Miscellaneous Derma Products Israel
Olvos Miscellaneous Derma Products Greece
Olvos Salicylic Acid Acid + Fluoracil & Erythromycin Greece
Orient Europharma Ebastine Taiwan
Penta Cinitapride Egypt
Penta Clebopride + Simeticone Egypt
Penta Cloperastine Egypt
Penta Ebastine Egypt
PIEX Aceclofenac West French Africa
PIEX Almagate West French Africa
PIEX Atenolol West French Africa
PIEX Cinitapride West French Africa
PIEX Clebopride + Simeticone West French Africa
PIEX Cloperastine West French Africa
PIEX Miscellaneous Derma Products West French Africa
Ranbaxy Ebastine Singapore
Recordati Cinitapride Spain
ROWE Aceclofenac El Salvador, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Honduras
ROWE Blokium El Salvador, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Honduras
ROWE Sekisan El Salvador, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Honduras
Sumitomo Dainippon Ebastine Japan
Takeda Aceclofenac Venezuela
Takeda Ebastine China
Valeant Miscellaneous Derma Products Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand
Wael Aceclofenac Bahrein
Wael Almagate Bahrein
Wael Atenolol Bahrein
Wael Cinitapride Bahrein
Wael Clebopride + Simeticone Bahrein
Wael Cloperastine Bahrein
Wael Ebastine Bahrein
Wael Miscellaneous Derma Products Bahrein
Yuhan Almagate South Korea
Yuhan Almotriptan South Korea