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Our commitment to society.


Science + Experience = Real solutions.

Trust comes first. We devote both human and financial resources to innovating, researching and developing effective medicines to improve people's health & wellbeing. Beyond this, however, we seek to develop a relationship of trust with patients. Wherever we can, we become involved in social and awareness activities in the areas where we are present. Most importantly, we believe in empowering patients through information and encouraging them to adopt healthy habits.

Click on the links below to the Patient section, to discover our campaigns and activities to raise awareness of important diseases and help to enhance quality of life.

We also support numerous patient organisations through grants and contributions.

Medical & Scientific Organisations.

Our support can make a difference.

We are committed to patient health and wellbeing in areas of need. Alongside an active research programme and ongoing development of new medicines, we support the global healthcare industry through grants and contributions. We carefully select initiatives by a number of patients, medical & academic organisations worldwide. Our support for these initiatives is openly disclosed in accordance with the EFPIA Code of Practice, as well as national codes.

Click on the links below to read detailed information on our grants and contributions.